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Kaitlyn Trizna

8300 Arista Place
Suite 300
Broomfield, CO 80021


If your labor and employment practices could use a little extra muscle, or your company culture is on the ropes, look no further than Kait. When it comes to complex workplace issues, she is tough but agile, and someone employers want in their corner. Kait packs a serious one-two punch of honest legal advice and sound business strategy when it comes to complex employment issues. She frequently advises C-level executives and HR leaders on sensitive employment topics.

Kait earned her street cred working in-house at a tech startup where she served as both the legal and human resource departments. She advised the company during its scale-up phase and handled compliance issues, contracts, people operations, business development, investor relations, corporate communications, and financial matters.

Did you know...

Kait is a southpaw that hails from Chicago but traded the windy city for the Rocky Mountain way. She lives with her husband, daughter, and border collie in a historic 1908 bungalow. She’s a novice boxer and master cinephile.


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