Lisa Gingerich Photo

Lisa Gingerich

Leader, Healthcare
790 N Water Street, Suite 2500
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Lisa works with many start-up companies doing business in or with the health care industry. She advises clients regarding the complex rules, requirements, and limitations unique to the health care space. Lisa gets the t’s crossed and i’s dotted so that a business or product launch is not derailed by a compliance or regulatory issue with investors, customers, or contractors. Because she focuses her practice on the legal needs of health care industry participants, Lisa has a deep understanding of the health sector. She has counseled health care clients for more than two decades, helping them work through constant changes in reimbursement, enforcement, and outcome-driven expectations. This expertise, paired with her outside general counsel role and her corporate experience, allows her to offer practical advice to clients as they navigate implementation, compliance, and regulatory challenges in the start-up phase and throughout the company lifecycle.

Did you know...

Lisa enjoys travel, photography, golf and food and loves planning for the next adventure.


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