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Shari Wynne Ressler

620 Congress Avenue
Suite 200
Austin, TX 78701


Shari is an accomplished attorney, entrepreneur, and ecosystem innovator. She provides clients with seasoned advice and taps into her extensive network to connect innovators with the expertise, mentorship, and resources needed for success.

Over 20 years ago, Shari founded RWR Legal, an entrepreneurial law firm in Austin, to bring sophisticated, large firm expertise to the area’s burgeoning start-up scene. She has served as general counsel for thousands of entrepreneurs and their companies, helping them launch, scale, and exit.

Shari is dedicated to building robust startup ecosystems. In 2012, she founded Incubation Station, now SKU Accelerator, the first consumer product goods (CPG) business accelerator. SKU brings together experienced entrepreneurs and investors to mentor high-potential companies. During its nine years, SKU has graduated more than 60 companies.

She also co-founded the Entrepreneurial Law Bar Association (EBA), to connect entrepreneurial law attorneys around the globe, creating a platform for sharing best practices and building a trusted network of professionals to assist innovators worldwide.

Did you know...

Shari is an ecosystem master and natural go-to person, connecting all of her friends and clients.  Whether for business resources, professional/personal development, or simply where to go and what to get, Shari “loves people in a powerful way” by lending her vast energy and support to their happiness and success.


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