The Times They Are a Changin’

March 11, 2019 | PublicationClient Alert

It’s been just short of a decade since we relaunched the Venture Best initiative at Michael Best, and doubled-down on Michael Best’s belief in the future of high risk/reward entrepreneurship and investing in Wisconsin. We’ve come a long way since then, growing our revenues close to an order of magnitude, and extending our vision beyond Wisconsin to the upper Midwest and, more recently to a half-dozen other locations “between the coasts” that are also emerging as self-sustaining hubs for innovative startups and venture capital investing. Places like Salt Lake City; Raleigh Durham; Austin; and Denver.

With all that has been going on, we figured it was time to up our website game to reflect the growth of our team; our footprint; our networks; and our expertise. And so, welcome to Venture Best 2.0.

A place where you can:

  • access information about the now 30+ members of the Venture Best team;
  • search for content across our hundreds of blogs, dozens of FAQs and half-dozen Entrepreneurs’ Guides;
  • learn about how a few of our clients have found the Venture Best “value add” important to their success and meet a few more of our clients; and
  • appreciate our expanding network of offices “between (and now even on one of) the coasts.”

Silicon Valley is still the center of the high risk/reward emerging company and investing business. But today, there is plenty of business to go around, and smart entrepreneurs and investors are finding lots of places in flyover country to build great new companies. Venture Best is all about helping those entrepreneurs and investors make it happen. Check out our new website, and see how we can help you build your innovative new company, just about anywhere.

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