Every successful startup needs funding to reach the next stage. But before investing in a fledgling business, investors want assurances that your company has its ducks in a row.

Our Venture Best group goes beyond basic legal services to help you line up those ducks. We work with startup companies to refine their business plans and investor pitches and assist in the negotiation of deal terms.  We also provide overall advice regarding what you can expect and what terms are in line with the current funding market. Through our deep network of contacts, we introduce entrepreneurs to investors or other service providers, and make team-building recommendations.

Once a match is made, we help nail down the specifics of the deal. Our lawyers negotiate and draft documentation at every stage of funding, such as:

  • Bridge financing documents
  • SAFE (simple agreement for future equity) agreements
  • Series Seed documents
  • Series A financing documents

But Funding is not just for startups.  We also work with that first investment from Aunt May to the first stock option grant; from Series A to Series… IPO, and everything in between.

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