The Venture Best Spotlight - Episode 3

February 21, 2024 | Podcast SeriesPodcast

Building an Ecosystem, Building in Venture, and the New Builders with Seth Levine


Dive into the dynamic world of venture capital and entrepreneurship with our special guest, Seth Levine! Join us in this thrilling episode as we explore the fascinating journey of Seth Levine, a seasoned venture capitalist and author based in the heart of Colorado.

From the inception of Foundry Group to his role in shaping the venture ecosystem in Colorado and at large, Seth shares gold nuggets of insights and stories that will leave you wanting more. Discover the driving forces behind his passion for entrepreneurship and learn from his wealth of experience as an advisor to venture funds and companies he has collaborated with.

But wait, there is more! We dive into Seth's book, "The New Builders," in which he shares insights into today’s innovation and disruption in the rapidly evolving business landscape. 

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