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December 14, 2023 | Podcast SeriesPodcast

At Venture Best, we're privileged to collaborate with a myriad of founders, emerging companies, and capital allocators across multiple ecosystems in places such as Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, amongst others. Witnessing firsthand the transformative power of innovation has been truly inspiring. We're embarking on a journey to narrate these compelling stories, shedding light on the remarkable endeavors of the diverse founders and investors we've had the privilege of working with. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each founder and investor, our lens aims to share and celebrate these unique narratives. 

We are proud to present Venture Best Spotlight, a brand-new podcast hosted by Venture Best attorneys Evan Lonergan and Emily McGovern. 

In each episode, we will feature founders, investors and capital managers who are working to build a better world from cities such as Madison, WI, Boulder, CO, Austin, TX and beyond. We are excited to stand behind our clients and connections as pillars of the startup ecosystems in which we operate. 

Our featured guests include founders working toward transformational impact in manufacturing and healthcare, capital managers supporting the evaluation of noncoastal startup ecosystems, and even thought leaders revolutionizing the definition of entrepreneurship. And this is only the beginning… 

Episode 1: Hyfe: Transformation Impact in Biomanufacturing with Andrea Schoen and Michelle Ruiz

Episode 2: The Premiere Venture Firm with Shawn Stigler and Galen Mason

Episode 3: Building an Ecosystem, Building in Venture, and the New Builders with Seth Levine

Episode 4: IQBAR: Building a Better Bar for Brain Health with Will Nitze

Episode 5: Uncovering Hidden Gems: Investing in Wisconsin Startups

Episode 6: From Vision to Venture: Resilient Ventures' Mission to Close the Wealth Gap

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