The Venture Best Spotlight - Episode 6

May 30, 2024 | Podcast SeriesPodcast

From Vision to Venture: Resilient Ventures' Mission to Close the Wealth Gap

In this inspiring episode, venture attorneys David Morris and Evan Lonergan have an insightful dialogue with Keith Daniel and Tom Droege , founders of Resilient Ventures, a pioneering venture capital fund based in North Carolina, whom is dedicated to disrupting systemic economic injustice. We delve into their backgrounds and motivations, explore their unique investment thesis focused on African American founders, and discuss the significance of being selected as a North Carolina venture program partner by the U.S. Government. Discover the challenges and opportunities within the venture capital landscape for diverse entrepreneurs and fund managers as well as learn what makes North Carolina's entrepreneurial ecosystem stand out in comparison to other emerging markets. Join us for a compelling conversation about equity, opportunity, and transformative investments.


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