For the growing entity that is looking for an exit or a venture-backed startup that make it to the later stages of growth, an M&A transaction or IPO is usually the next step. Smart entrepreneurs always keep potential exit strategies in mind from the start.

We assist our entrepreneur clients no matter what stage they are in the entity lifecycle.  Many may not even know their options.  We assist our clients by helping them understand when and how to sell, as well as what structure for the sale will be the most beneficial to them.  We work as a team with investment bankers, business, and outside brokers, when appropriate to evaluate and negotiate these opportunities.

Venture Best will help you understand your company’s lifecycle options and plan ahead. We take a dynamic approach to planning, as exit strategies tend to change frequently. Our goal is to stay as nimble as our clients and help you seize new opportunities.

At the exit stage, we work with clients to finalize and execute their sale strategy. Our services include:

  • Negotiation assistance
  • Coordination with investment bankers
  • Preparation and negotiation of sale documentation for all types of exit transactions
  • Tax planning
  • Post-sale documentation
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